Fall Season Home Maintenance in Texas

As the sweltering Texas summer gives way to the milder temperatures of fall, homeowners in the Lone Star State should consider a unique set of maintenance tasks to prepare their homes for the upcoming winter. While Texas winters are generally milder than those in the northern US, the state's diverse climate zones, from the humid Gulf Coast to the arid West, present their own set of challenges. Here's a guide to fall season home maintenance tailored specifically for Texas properties:

1. Inspect and Clean the HVAC System:

Before the cooler temperatures set in, ensure your heating system is in optimal condition. Clean or replace filters, check for any leaks or blockages, and consider a professional inspection to ensure efficient operation.

2. Roof and Gutter Check:

Texas fall can bring unexpected rain showers. Inspect your roof for any damage from the summer sun or storms. Clean out gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage and prevent potential foundation issues.

3. Weatherproofing:

Seal any gaps or cracks in doors and windows to prevent drafts and improve energy efficiency. This not only keeps the cold out but also helps in retaining heat.

4. Lawn and Garden Care:

Fall is the perfect time to fertilize and reseed your lawn in preparation for the spring. Remove any dead plants and consider planting native Texas plants that thrive in cooler temperatures.

5. Pest Control:

As temperatures drop, pests like rodents and insects seek shelter indoors. Seal any potential entry points and consider a fall pest control treatment to keep them at bay.

6. Foundation Inspection:

Texas soils can expand and contract with moisture changes. Inspect your foundation for any new cracks or shifts, and ensure proper drainage away from your home's foundation.

7. Fireplace and Chimney:

If you have a fireplace, ensure it's clean and safe for use. Consider a professional chimney sweep to remove any soot or blockages.

8. Watering and Irrigation:

Adjust your watering schedule for the fall season. Ensure sprinkler systems are functioning correctly, and consider draining or winterizing them to prevent potential freeze damage.

9. Outdoor Equipment:

Clean and store summer garden equipment. Service your lawnmower and other tools before storing them for the winter.

10. Safety Check:

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With the increased use of heaters in the winter, ensuring these devices work is crucial for your family's safety.

11. Prepare for Freezes:

While rare, Texas can experience sudden freezes. Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses, insulate exposed pipes, and familiarize yourself with how to shut off water mains in case of potential pipe bursts. If you have a garden tub in your bathroom, here is a quicktip video for removing the panel to bring more heat to the pipes. 

Fall in Texas is more than just a reprieve from the summer heat; it's an opportunity to prepare your home for the cooler months ahead. By attending to these region-specific maintenance tasks, homeowners can ensure a comfortable and hassle-free winter, all while preserving the integrity and value of their Texas homes.

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