February Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance doesn't have to be complicated. When you focus on just a few things each month, you'll be surprised at how much you knock out each year. That's why we send you monthly home maintenance messages.

Here three ways you can show your home some love this February:


Inspect and clean the dryer vent.

Cleaning the duct that connects the back of your dryer to the outside vent won’t only improve the unit’s efficiency, but it can prevent a house fire caused by lint buildup.


Vacuum refrigerator coils.

One little-known fact about your refrigerator is that cleaning the condenser coils located in the back or bottom of the appliance will save energy and keep it in prime working condition.


Clean your kitchen exhaust fans.

Exhaust fans help remove steam and odors when you’re cooking. They should be cleaned monthly to avoid grease buildup.

A poorly maintained home can lose up to $20k in value. Use your extra time during this season to keep up with home maintenance and keep your home value up!

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